Discover the Gold Standard of Digital Currency

Goldcoin™ is the world's first "Hard Money." A super secure value store and cash payment system. Fully decentralized and distributed. Fast and Free. It's Digital Gold for a New Generation.

  • compatibility

    Compatible with Android and iOS!

    Our client is compatible with mobile devices that run the Android or iOS operating systems. Now you can take your Goldcoins on the road!

  • trading

    Now Traded at SouthXchange and BlockDX!

    Goldcoin is now available on SouthXchange and BlockDX. See the complete list of platforms under our Exchanges Menu.

  • perfomance

    Designed for Safety and Performance.

    Goldcoin is faster than both Bitcoin and Litecoin and features an innovative 51% Attack Defense System.


What is Goldcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto used the word “Gold” multiple times in his original Bitcoin whitepaper to describe the inner workings of his historic protocol. Gold is also a term that means value to every English speaking person on earth. No better brand could exist for a project dedicated to building the greatest cryptocurrency in the World.

2021 Roadmap