Discover the Gold Standard of Digital Currency

Goldcoin™ is the first Digital Gold. A super secure value store and cash payment system. Txs are Fast and Free. Backed by a Real World Treasury. It's the Money for a New Generation.

  • compatibility

    Fully Compatible with Android!

    Our client is compatible with mobile devices that run the Android operating system. Now you can take your Goldcoin on the road!

  • trading

    Now Traded at StakeCube and LaToken!

    Goldcoin is now available on StakeCube and LaToken. See the complete list of platforms under our Exchanges Menu.

  • perfomance

    Designed for Safety and Performance.

    Goldcoin is fast and transactions are Free. And our network is secured by an innovative 51% Attack Defense System.


What is the Goldcoin?

Goldcoin is an open-source cash payment system that scales on-chain without the need for L2 solutions. It enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world, and can been sent without a transaction fee.

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