2022-23 Roadmap

The Goldcoin Core developers have built the most secure and practical currency ever Created.

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What is Goldcoin?

Transaction fees, transaction speed, and security matter most to users and merchants. Goldcoin Txs are Free and Instant!

Goldcoin is the modern working example of the electronic cash as envisioned by Satoshi. It's Digital Gold for a New Generation!

3rd Quarter 2021 (Completed)

Major Exchange Listing

The Goldcoin Team has secured the funding for a listing on a major cryptocurrency exchange. We're currently in talks with several exchanges to determine which one best fits our needs.

1st Quarter 2023 (Completed)

Gitian Build System

Gitian is a secure source-control oriented software distribution method. This means Goldcoin wallet releases can be verified by multiple builders.

1st Quarter 2023 (Completed)

MAC Wallet

The Goldcoin developers will be releasing the long-awaited MAC wallet to our macOS users.

2nd Quarter 2023 (In Progress)

Major Version 0.15.0

This new version will include important security updates, memory management enchancements, and improved network efficiency.

2nd Quarter 2023 (In Progress)

Android App Update

Our mobile team will be releasing an update to our popular Android app that adds network peers and support for Android version 13.